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Think of the following scenario that might be relevant to you 😎. You're quite creative. You could be a designer, a developer or an entrepreneur, always seeing business opportunities in places that others overlook.
And once again, you see an opportunity. You think of an idea. You think it could very well be your next project. What's one of the first things that you do? You buy a domain name.
😎 Now you just need to build the darn product.

Domain-first Startup

I just totally made that up. But so many of us do it. It's not the worst idea, but perhaps it's not the best either. Nonetheless, purchasing that domain name with a perfect name for your next baby project sometimes is too appealing to ignore.
The downside of that, of course, is as a serial-idea-generator, you repeat the above steps over and over again and you end up accumulating a not-so-insignificant number of domains, which you now call Portfolio πŸ€“.
How's your domain portfolio looking thesedays though? Have you made any progress? You quickly learn that developing an idea into a product, let alone an MVP takes time and commitment and the speed at which you puchase these domain names far outpace the speed of your product development.
So, for many of us, our many domain names never seem to see the light of the day and are just kept within our portfolio with a slim hope of seeing the light of the day.

Is there a solution?

I cannot stop you from buying domain names - in fact, buying domain names is not a bad way of investment. But what I can recommend is, rather than having your domains sitting there idle, how about we make good use out of them? And no, I do not mean Domain Parking πŸ˜… like below.
Oh gosh, give me a break. I'd rather let my domains die a slow death being idle and unused than having a parking page like above. What we recommend is modern way of using your domain names or quickly developing them without investing so much time into it and letting the domain work for you, not the other way around.
Think of it this way. Wouldn't it be great if your domain was doing something useful in the background, while you wait and count the days until you actually work on the idea? Even if you never develop that idea you once had, it would be far more beneficial, if your domains are actually doing something useful. But here's another condition. The domains must do something useful without you having to invest so much time into it. Sounds contradictory, but I'd like to introduce you to a tool called Newsy, which has helped me use up all of my ~50 domain names and they are working, without me having to intervene.

What is Newsy?

In essence, Newsy creates an automated content-based community. Let's say you bought a domain name By the sound of it, you bought it with a hope that one day you will do something related to electric vehicles, Tesla, Elon Musk, battery powered vehicles etc.
Now creating and developing that idea would be quite costly and you're already working on another project. But you bought this awesome domain name and it could be great if you can make some use of it now. Enter Newsy.
With Newsy, you can enter your domain name, a set of specific keywords related to your domain and Newsy will automatically find relevant contents - articles, videos, discussions, questions from all over the web and display them on your domain (or we call it site).
In this shiny new site, you now have a basic content aggregator, which automatically finds relevant contents on a regular basis. But that's just a starting point. Newsy packs in some powerful features to make your site spectacularly useful without you having to invest time. A good first example of this would be that your site is now all of a sudden google-searchable. Newsy includes a sitemap which you can submit to Google (and other search engines). Each content page is optimized for SEO with all the relevant meta tags, over time your site's contents will be included in the search results.
However, there's more. Anyone visiting your site can immediately become members or newsletter subscribers. To become a member, you register an account on your site, and you can leave comments, vote, like and even submit a content. If you are a newsletter subscriber, Newsy sends regular newsletters.
Newsy also integrates with third-party services like Twitter, Discord, Slack, WordPress, Blogspot etc to distribute your site's contents as widely as possible. All of these features together work to increase your site's relevance towards the niche keywords you have selected initially and your domain name starts to gather reputation and SEO ranking as a prominent website for people to visit.
This obviously takes time, but the beauty of this is that once you set up the site, you can leave it alone. Newsy handles the rest. You will receive a regular updates on the statistics of your sites and of course you can intervene and make changes, but most of the time, your site will just work.
Now I have not covered all the details of Newsy here and there are so many features you can use. But, what I can tell you is that I now have all 50 domains that were not doing anything, collectively picking up thousands of unique visits each week.
So do yourself and your domains a favour. While up to 70% of the world's domains are parked - and that is absolutely staggering - we don't all have to have domain parking pages looking like the above. Setting up a Newsy site takes as little as 3 clicks and trust me, you will never want to NOT use up your domains every again.
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