Let's talk about Domain Parking Monetization (a.k.a How to make money from domain names)

By K.H - Domain expert - 2024-05-18 - 10-minute read
I'm going to jump to a conclusion here and then work my way backwards. Above comment, from a popular web forum SitePoint, just about sums up what making money from domain parking looks like here in 2024.
Making money in general is difficult, but making money from your domain names? Especially domain parking? Well, here in 2024, well, let's just say, it isn't what it used to be. So let's trace the roots a little and find out how we got here and then I promise I'll deliver some good news later on.

Domain names in the 90's - The Wild West

When Internet came, so did the domain names. It started with a handful of TLDs of course - .com, .net etc. The domain name presents a unique property. You own something unique on the Internet and of course, every time you are dealing with any uniqueness, you have a market and demands from people who want to participate.
Quite a number of people got onto the Domaining space in the 90's. Its potential wasn't completely visible yet, but those early adopters gobbled up domain names expecting that they will be worthwhile investment.
Some actually did find success and as the number of short and catch .com names were quickly snapped up in high prices, so did the Rise of Domainers. As the Internet companies became common, these people expanded out to Brand Management or Brand Identity Management and the domaining was here to stay.

Arrival of Domain Parking

While many found success and sold high profile domain names for exorbitant amount of money, there were still much more who hadn't cashed in those more obsecure .com domain names that they had purchased. While in waiting, what should these domains do? Sit there and do nothing while resolving to an ugly error page? How about we just stick a simple page on the domain? Heck, how about we also add some advertisement links on it? Could we possibly make some money while waiting? So Domain Parking was born.
In the early days when it was still a foreign concept and new, and especially when you had a reasonable .com domain, it was in fact possible to stick a parking page and let those who type those domains, land on your page and redirected to other pages through the advertising link, while you collect a small commission. This wasn't a bad idea, especially if you had a catchy domain name.

Fizzling of Domain Parking

This quickly caught on, as you can imagine and as more and more domains were parked (in fact more than 70% of the world's domains are parked currently), these domain parking pages were just not generating traffic or money.
Why though? The parking page itself isn't bad and for good domain names, the stream of traffic can still be monetized through the parking page. But let's break that down a little.

Ad fatigue

Well, it's quite obvious that everyone is now quite accustomed to seeing the ads online and most likely people will not be clicking on it.

Browser improvements

Chrome browser introduced an address auto-completion feature almost a decade ago and since then it's been difficult for domain parking pages. People are now typing in the domain name they want to visit and browsers will give you immediate feedback as to whether that domain is valid or exists. This dramatically decreased the amount of traffic received by the parking pages.

Not an effective way of making money

The essential problem, however, is that domain parking pages rely on a false hope that people will somehow land on your domain and even worse, they would be somehow incentivized to click on the ads. That's one too many somehow for me.

They are just downright ugly and not useful

And lastly, domain parking pages are just not that good to look at. They are not useful and provide no value to the end user.

Park your domain and monetize it like it's 2024!

OK. So we think it's time to start parking your domains and monetize them like it's 2024 and this is where Newsy shines.
With Newsy, you are not just getting a page, but you are getting an entire site and with this site Newsy will start generate organic traffic from multiple sources includeing search engines (via sitemap, SEO optimized pages), social media (by automatically tweeting contents, posting to WordPress, Slack, Blogger) and inviting visitors back to your site (through memberships and newsletters).
All these features work together to create and maintain a steadily increasing stream of traffic. Your Newsy site provides value to its readers, your users are engaged and they come back to your site for more information that they like. And with this traffic, we can now move to monetization.

Monetization - Finally!

Let's now talk about monetization. With the stream of traffic coming to your Newsy site, you can now use its Ad Manager to embed your own ads to your Newsy site. You heard that correctly. Newsy allows you to add your very own advertising items to your sites and there are many advertising platforms you can use to add your own ad units. Newsy also does not take any cut from those ads.
The ads on Newsy are flexible. You can add any size (square, banner, vertical) or any type (pop-up, full-screen). You can add your own image or links to affiliate sites that you are connected to. And without further a do, here's a quick snapshot of my monthly revenue summary on 4 domain names that I used for Newsy.
The ads on Newsy are flexible. You can add any size (square, banner, vertical) or any type (pop-up, full-screen). You can add your own image or links to affiliate sites that you are connected to.
Newsy is the new and modern way of parking your domains in 2024. Stop using those ugly domain parking pages. Newsy comes with all the features that you need to set up your own content-aggregation site with monetization built in that actually works. Looking for monetizing your domains? Say hello to Newsy.

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