Domain parking is dead - We need a better domain parking tool.

By K.H - Domain expert - 2024-05-18 - 10-minute read
There. I said it. Phew. Now that I feel better, let me elaborate. But before I do that, check out a typical domain parking page of 2021 currently being used for the domain
Now let me ask you this. Is that how you really want your domain to look like? Oh I've seen worse domain parking pages. I actually think the above is one of the better ones. But seriously. Really?

How did we get here?

There is an obvious reason why almost 70% of the entire web is considered as parked. Think about that - 2 out of 3 domains showing above hideous, meaningless page.
The first reason is relatively straight forward. In the late 90's and early turn of the new millenia, domain parking was seen as a gold rush. The Internet was finally breaking through as the main way people do their everyday tasks and more and more domains were being purchased.
During this period, some smart and opportunistic people saw an opportunity to buy up domain names (especially the popular ones -,, which attracted a lot of traffic due to their common-ness and because lots of people were typing them or they were being shown at the top of the search results regardless of how bad their content was, purely because they had good domain names.
The pioneers who captured this opportunity was free to place any advertising on their domains and they were actually generating revenue. Imagine all you had to do was pay ~$20 for a domain name, park it with some ads and start generating money. That was the gold rush that attracted thousands of people to buy up domain names.

Current state of the art of domain parking

Fast forward to 2024, the domain parking is still a popular activity amongst many. Recently due to ICANN releasing many more top-level-domains (e.g. .sydney, .work, .blog etc), we now have millions if not billions more domain names becoming suddenly available. The prices of these domains has also decreased significantly over the past few years that literally anyone can easily buy a domain name.
While the way domain parking works hasn't largely changed, there have been some dramatic changes the way these parked domains have been attracting traffic. Google Search Engine has made some major changes to their algorithm, so that domain parking pages no longer appear in their search results. This was a striking blow to many domainers. Many lost much of their traffic overnight.
In the early days, many domainers also bought domain names based on what is commonly called Typo Squatting, which relies on people misspelling the actual domain name and landing on the domain parked site and then clicking on the ad items for revenue (ugh!). However, the days of typo-based traffic are all but gone as browsers have all now adopted autocompletion of the addresses being typed. Again, this was a big punch across those typo-based domain parked pages.

It's time to innovate domain parking - what we actually need to do.

Firstly, we need to get rid of this practice of placing such primitive pages filled with meaningless ad links. These provide either low or no value to the end users.
At the same time, we also need to provide the domainers the tooling which help them quickly set up their domain names without spending too much time, effort and money. That's where Newsy comes in.
Newsy is a domain parking tool, that takes your unused domain name and turn it into a fully automated, fully functional web application that acts much like Reddit. It is a content aggregator and content-based community. People can visit your domain name and read through niche-topic high quality articles and media and actually be informed and receive value.
In addition, we've built numerous features on Newsy so that you get the most out of your domain. Some of these features are auto-enabling of HTTPS (to help you get that increased domain authority), the ability to send email under your domain name via GMail. Newsy also has numerous integrations with Slack, Discord, Google Search Console, Google Analytics, WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, YouTube etc.
Another important aspect is the actual monetization of your domain name. Newsy allows you to bring your own ads. These ads are yours and Newsy does not take any commission off these sales.
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