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Got a spare domain name? Newsy is your new friend.
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Emily Peyser
For Creatives & Entrepreneurs
You bought that domain name for a future project, but don't have time to develop it yet. Yes, we know that feeling all too well. Let Newsy solve your dilemma.
For Domain Professionals
Invested money and time into your domain portfolio? While waiting on sales, use Newsy to increase your domain authority and easily monetize them.
For Business Owners
Got a business and have same domain name with different TLDs? Newsy can utilize your other domain names to become content sites to drive traffic to your main site.
For Passive Income Seekers
Still hoping to get a few cents from your domain parking pages? Traditional domain parking is dead. Newsy has the features to make better passive income stream.
For Influencers
Blogger? YouTuber? Instagrammer? Boost your influence instantly by creating Newsy site with contents relevant to your niche and turn it into a lead-gen tool.
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Newsy suits anyone with a spare domain name. That could be you. Get started for free. There is no need for credit card. Bring your domain and an idea and we can get started.
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How does Newsy work?

Go from zero to a fully functional site in just a few clicks.
Add your domain
Add a domain you want to use to create your new site in Newsy. Your domain is also required to point to Newsy, which can be done with a single click with HTTPS automatically enabled or you can do it yourself by adding a CNAME in your domain registrar's DNS manager.
We provide a step-by-step instruction in our Help Documents.
Get contents via RSS & keywords
Start adding high quality, niche topic contents to your site via either RSS feeds of your choice or keywords. Newsy will automatically crawl the web and find contents relevant to your keywords and add them to your site.
Site is live. It's time to do more! 🎉
At this point, your site should be live and running! Newsy will automatically pull in contents, send newsletters, allow visitors sign-up as a member, subscribe to newsletter and more.
Please explore numerous features that Newsy provides to take your site to the next level including - Monetization, Widgets, Analytics, GMail integration, Translation and SEO customizations.


Everything you need to get maximum ROI on your domains.
Domains, Domains, Domains!
Bring all types of domains. Enable HTTPS, use your domain in your GMail, set up DNS records.
Revenue Ready from the Start
Add your own ads, affiliate links on your site. Enable sponsored posts & monthly recurring memberships.
High Quality Contents Only
Add RSS feeds or search the Web based for only high quality contents based on your niche keywords.
Organize & Search
Set categories, subcategories and tags to contents and search by them so you can find things quickly.
Build Traffic with Integrations
Automatically post contents to Twitter, Reddit, Blogger, Tumblr and WordPress and build traffic to your site.
Membership, Out of the Box
Let visitors to sign up to your site to become members (yes we also have paid memberships!).
Run your newsletters automatically. Newsy sends out newsletters to all your members & subscribers.
Community Features
Let users comment, vote, like, share and more on your site. Your Newsy truly becomes a community.
SEO Ready!
Change META tags as you wish. Add custom META tags. Access sitemaps. Build traffic & domain authority.
Sell it with Ease
Want to sell your site? Enable the selling feature and get sales leads directly from Newsy. No commission taken.
Analyze This
Get in-depth analysis on traffic, members, subscribers and activities. Or add Google Analytics!
Themes for Your Site
Add a logo & favicon. Pick a theme from many available. Change the font, CSS & colors exactly the way you want.
Add Custom Static Pages
Thinking of About Us page? No problem. Add a custom page using Markdown or HTML and tweak it with your own CSS.
Custom Links
Want to add links to other sites? You can add custom links. Place them in the header or navigation or footer.
Extend with Widgets
Add chatbots, Facebook page plugin, Twitter like button or build your own custom widgets.
Translate Your Site
Change every text and wording on your site to your own liking. How about in a completely different language?
Achieve Full Automation
Who has time to monitor all these? Once setup, Newsy is fully automated and runs itself.
You're Never Alone
Above everything else, Newsy leads with an excellent customer support. Email us at any time. We're here to help.
How does that sound?
Ready to take your domains to next level? Join us and let us help you. We are super excited!
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Feedback from some of our users who love using Newsy
Before Newsy, I found it frustrating to leave my domains just sit there. Newsy delivers exactly what I wanted and way more.
Amos Kijior
The best part is that I set it up once and then I can just leave it. I occasionally check, but I leave the rest to Newsy.
Carl Silona
Newsy is an absolute gem. All of my domains are alive! And it just took a few minutes.
Victor Chan
This is a great way to test out the market! To see if my domain is useful or not.
Harry Hilmer
Oh wow. I've been in domain industry for quite some time. This is first real innovation I've seen in this space.
Jacob Niels
Just upgraded to the next plan. Top notch service and great value for all my domains.
Jane Summers
Never thought I'd get to see all of my ~100 domains up and running.
Laura Schuler
This is such a great idea. Adding all my un-used domain names with affiliate links as custom widgets is an absolutely awesome way to monetize and track.
Linda Milton
All of these features are backed by our incredible support team.
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